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Sonia's love of design and experience in sourcing design treasures led to the creation of her interior design brand  L’ARTISAN by SÓNIA ROMÃO.

With an eye for statement and designer pieces, impeccable taste and understanding of good design, she incorporates products that are 100% natural and/or organic materials and textiles, handmade and customized by experienced crafters and artisans, combining an eclectic mix of modern & vintage, old & new, perfect & imperfect. 

Our selections are personalized, exclusively curated treasured objects, furniture, art and home accessories  that meet the aspirations, passions and tastes of our selective clients.

 Our interior design philosophy is that the clients’ space should reflect who they are, their values, their global tastes, their aspirations, personalities & the passions that inspire them. At the heart of each project is the ability to enhance that space by paying close attention to how people interact with each environment they are in!



Rua Dar es Salam 265, Sommerschield Maputo Mozambique